The vineyards of the Thermenregion are extending from the southern outskirts of Vienna along a ridge to the region south of Baden. The vineyards are located on the foothills of the Wienerwald with the Anninger (674 m) as the highest peak of the region. This mountain range protects the vineyards from the westerly weather, in the east and south the Pannonian climate influences the region.

In the Thermergion are about 2200 hectares of vineyards, which are owned by about 1300 wineries. The soils are very different, often heavy soils such as loamy clay, sandy loam and limestone predominate. Fully ripe grapes that are rich in extract were used for harmonious due to these favourable soil conditions.
The climate of the Thermenregion is dominated by hot, dry summers and cold winters. The continuous air movement between the great plain in the east and the ridge of the Anninger causes a rapid drying of the grapes after rain or dew in autumn. This continental climate has a great Pannonian influence. The growing season of the vines takes about 230 days. With an average rainfall of 650 mm and very specific microclimatic preferred locations the region has ideal conditions to tread a wide range of varieties, especially for the sensitive Zierfandler and Rotgipfler!

Many monasteries had big courtyards, so called Lesehoefe”, in the famous villages of the Thermenregion. There the wine was pressed and stored, and the vineyard workers lived there as well. Many are still well preserved. In the Melker- and the Kremsmünsterhof in Gumpoldskirchen, in the Herzog- and the Mariazellerhof in Baden and in Lilienfelderhof in Pfaffstaetten winemaking families are still active.
The most important wine-growing villages of the Thermenregion are Baden, Gumpoldskirchen Guntramsdorf, Perchtoldsdorf, Pfaffstaetten, Sooß, Tattendorf and Traiskirchen.

Since the 2023 wine vintage, there have also been wines with the DAC Thermenregion designation of origin in the Thermenregion. The pyramid-structured system contains regional wines, local wines and vineyard wines – very clearly presented at the following link from the ÖWM: Thermenregion (