Spätrot Rotgipfler Auslese


The grapes were picked with 23 KMW and after a very long fermentation period it reached more than 15% vol. alcohol and 58 g/l residual sugar. The wine is very powerful, full-bodied with subtle botrytis notes and a fantastic variety bouquet!

Style of the wine: strong with a pleasant residual sugar, long and persistent on the palate with flavors of yellow apples and exotic fruits. Subtle botrytis completes the character of this wine.

Alcohol: 9.5 to 15.0% vol.
Residual sugar: sweet
Serving temperature: 12-13 °C
Dining companion for: strong cheese and desserts

More details can be found under the general information about the Spätrot Rotgipfler

General information for the Rotgipfler

It’s a traditional Gumpoldskirchner Gemischter Satz of Zierfandler and Rotgipfler and it’s usually planted in equal parts in the vineyards, and there are often some Neuburger vines placed in between! It combines the requirements but also the excellent properties of both varieties and usually delivers top quality wines!

The Grape

A small encyclopedia

KMW: Klosterneuburger must scale – With that number the sugar content in the grape juice is indicated in weight percent.

More info at: www.wikipedia.org

BSA: Malolactic fermentation – by the addition of starter cultures (bacteria), the malic acid, a part of the total acid in wine, is largely reduced to lactic acid and CO2. Thus, the total acidity is reduced, and in addition it gaves the wine richness and complexity.