Spätrot Rotgipfler


The perfect combination of Zierfandler and Rotgipfler has its tradition in our house as well. The wine is almost exclusively expanded semisweet because they are always harvested with 19° KMW or more and are an ideal base for wines with residual sugar. The wine is matured in steel vats and large oak barrels.


The CS is the “high-end” wine of our winery. It’s usually harvested with at least 21° KMW and then fermented and stored in small oak barrels (225 lt French oak Allier mostly medium + toasted) for 18 months in total! Then it’s following a blending of the different barrels and a further storage of at least 6 months in steel vats. After filling it will be stored for another 6 months to become “quiet”. So two and a half years after the harvest this wine can be tasted the first time!

Vineyard: Schwaben, Unterer Badnerweg

Alcohol: 13-13,5% Vol
Residual sugar: dry
Vineyard: Steinfeld
Drinking temperature: 8-10° C

General information for the Spätrot Rotgipfler

It’s a traditional Gumpoldskirchner Gemischter Satz of Zierfandler and Rotgipfler and it’s usually planted in equal parts in the vineyards, and there are often some Neuburger vines placed in between! It combines the requirements but also the excellent properties of both varieties and usually delivers top quality wines!

The Grape

A small encyclopedia

KMW: Klosterneuburger must scale – With that number the sugar content in the grape juice is indicated in weight percent.

More info at: www.wikipedia.org

BSA: Malolactic fermentation – by the addition of starter cultures (bacteria), the malic acid, a part of the total acid in wine, is largely reduced to lactic acid and CO2. Thus, the total acidity is reduced, and in addition it gaves the wine richness and complexity.