Nuovo Castello


This “Gemischter Satz” consists of equal parts of Grüner Veltliner and Neuburger and comes from the Ried Schwipel where it is planted right in that relationship!

The combination is the ideal complement of the two varieties, bringing the liveliness of the Grüner Veltliner and fullness and taste of the Neuburger. The name refers artistic to the Italian and should point to the words “new castle”!

Dining companion for: Asian dishes, pies, fruit cocktails, slightly sweet desserts

Alcohol: 12,5% Vol
Residual sugar: dry
Vineyard: Schwippel
Drinking temperature: 6-8° C

General information for the Neuburger

The Neuburger is a variety that spreads only in Austria, especially in the Thermenregion. The origin of Neuburger is unknown. Maybe it comes from a natural random intersection of White Burgundy x Sylvaner. He often produces rich, full, mild wines with very fine, nutty bouquet, but can also be very fruity and fragrant. He will be greatly appreciated by connoisseurs, but its growing area is declining. Strongest distribution is as mentioned in the Thermenregion but it can also be found in Krems, the Wachau, Vienna and Burgenland. In the Thermenregion, he was often planted in Spätrot Rotgipfler vinyards to increase the wine quantity!

The Grape

A small encyclopedia

KMW: Klosterneuburger must scale – With that number the sugar content in the grape juice is indicated in weight percent.

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BSA: Malolactic fermentation – by the addition of starter cultures (bacteria), the malic acid, a part of the total acid in wine, is largely reduced to lactic acid and CO2. Thus, the total acidity is reduced, and in addition it gaves the wine richness and complexity.