The Welschriesling is the so called “home variety” of our winery.

My father worked very hard for it and turned it into a real fast seller and thus it was a challenge for me to step into these large footsteps! The harvest graduation is normally about 17.5 KMW. The wine is completely cool fermented and, but we are using a special yeast that we have chosen very carefully!

Dining companion for: lightweight pies, white meat, chicken

Alcohol: 12,5% Vol
Residual sugar: dry
Vineyard: Hutweide/Schwaben
Drinking temperature: 8° C

General information for the Welschriesling

Some say that this variety has its origin in France, today it is mainly widespread in Central Europe, especially in Austria and Hungary, northern Italy and Slovenia. In the main distribution areas in Austria, the foothills of the Pannonian Plain, Burgenland, Styria and the Vienna Basin, the Welschriesling was called earlier as Riesling or Riesler. In the Weinviertel this variety is used mainly for sparkling base wine production. It prefers light, calcareous soils and early vinyards, it is very hardy, bloom tight and little susceptible to disease. In appropriate locations, like around Gumpoldskirchen, the Welschriesling brings high quality wines with delicately aromatic flavour and a distinct fruit acid. He slowly expands and is very durable – even though he may never experience that with us.

The Grape

A small encyclopedia

KMW: Klosterneuburger must scale – With that number the sugar content in the grape juice is indicated in weight percent.

More info at: www.wikipedia.org

BSA: Malolactic fermentation – by the addition of starter cultures (bacteria), the malic acid, a part of the total acid in wine, is largely reduced to lactic acid and CO2. Thus, the total acidity is reduced, and in addition it gaves the wine richness and complexity.