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Christian Schabl is the winemaker and in charge of marketing and organisation. He is the son of Lutgard and Rudolf Schabl, who successfully managed the winery before Christian did.

Christian finished the school for winemakers in Klosterneuburg, during his school time he gained experience in different wineries in Austria, Germany and France.
His hobbies are beside sportive activities travelling around and visiting wineries in New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Peru and many more.
He is working in the Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Wiener Becken since 1998 where he is in charge of oenological consulting and disposal.
Since the early dead of his father Rudolf Schabl he is responsible for the whole work in the cellar. Since his mother Lutgard retired he is also the managing director of the winery.

At the 16th of May 2012 he and his girlfriend Rita Schroefl became proud parents of their son PAUL RUDOLF MAXIMILIAN!

Since the 4th December 2013 their family became bigger once more – Felix Erich Alexander was born!


Rita Schroefl is Christians girlfriend and works bravely in the background and if Paul let some time left she becomes more and more interested in winegrowing and is helping in the winery.

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Lutgard Schabl, nee Ooms, was born in Belgium and met her husband Rudolf at holiday. She acts right now more than thirty years in the winery and although she was a career changer in wine making she has grown to a full blood winegrower. She is in charge of the work in the vineyards, which she does almost alone!

At the other hand she is looking that everyone feels good at the Heurigen. She is cooking really perfect and you will taste that every time you will come to our place. She also loves her garden that she treats with greatest care!


Ingrid Hammer, since May 2010 married with another Gumpoldskirchner top-winemaker Hans Hammer, is the sister of Christian Schabl! She is the busy help at the buffet every time when it gets „hot“.
Together with Hans they got twins in January 2011, Helene Lutgard and Lousie Gertraud, which are looking for action everywhere!

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Opening season 2014

3.1. - 18.1.2015
14.3. - 29.3.2015
1.5. - 17.5.2015
2.7. - 19.7.2015
5.9. - 20.9.2015
7.11. - 22.11.2015

Spring Start

11. - 12.4.2015

Open cellardoor

10. - 11.10.2015